Angela Carey
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Greek Name Emeusa
Gender Female
Ethnic Group Caucasian
Relationship Cody James (crush)
Family Exdall (father)
Xotia (mother)
Euteuste (sister)
Faneaser (sister)
Jomuregal (sister)
Krarsi (sister)
Friends Cody James
Dex Blazer
First Appearance Pilot
Voice Actor Ariana Grande




She is one of the five daughters of Daxell, sent to earth to inspire struggling artists. Angela is shown to be more adventurous and out-going, than her other sisters. She is also brave, which when she saves Cody from being beaten by gang bangers. Despite her adventurous bravery, she is shown to be optimistic and helpful, where she believes that Cody reaching his dreams would be easy. She is also thankful and very curious, that could tend to get her in trouble, sometimes, but because of her quick wits and her wisdom, she was able to get herself out of trouble, most of the time. She is also very talented, probably a little more talented than her other sisters. She is shown to have excellent singing abilities and have spectacular abilities with her powers, which seems cool to Cody, but dangerous to her family.




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