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Gender Female
Ethnic Group Caucasian
Family Exdall (father)
Xotia (mother)
Angela (sister)
Faneaser (sister)
Jomuregal (sister)
Krarsi (sister)
Friends Cody James
First Appearance Pilot
Voice Actor Keri Hilson




She is one of the five daughters of Daxell, sent to earth to inspire struggling artists. She is the oldest and more responsible and mature than her sisters. She is described by her sisters as being bossy, but ironically, she herself is often bossed around when her siblings outvote her. She possess her own talent. Euteuste loves to dance. While her capacity in singing is up to par, she more than makes up for it in her spectacular dancing performances.





Season OneEdit

  • Bloom (Pilot) (with Angela, Faneaser, Jomuregal and Krarsi)
  • Hands On Me (Hypnosis Osmosis) (with Faneaser, Jomuregal and Krarsi)
  • Too Close (Hypnosis Osmosis) (with Faneaser, Jomuregal and Krarsi)

Season OneEdit

  • Don't Wanna Know (Hypnosis Osmosis) (with Angela, Faneaser, Jomuregal and Krarsi)
  • Best of All (Dangerous Love) (with Delilah, Amanda, Faneaser, Jomuregal and Krarsi)

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