No Hard Feelings
Ep4f (8)

Airdate November 25, 2016
Previous Hypnosis Osmosis
Next Dangerous Love


After Angela's performance, people from Cody's world wants to know Angela and Cody works on getting himself noticed instead. Euteuste reveals to Angela a dark secret that leaves her with an ultimatum.



  • Asher Monroe - Cody James
  • Ariana Grande - Angela Carey
  • Ryn Weaver - Amanda
  • Troye Sivan - Dex Blazer
  • Raury - K.K.
  • Trevor Wesley - Roger D.
  • Gabriel Garko - Eric James
  • Daisy Ridley - Joanne James
  • Freya Tingley - Kayla


  • Troy Baker - Kyle
  • Nolan North - Numb
  • Colin O'Donoghue - Donny
  • Kaniehtiio Horn - Xoita
  • Kiefer Sutherland - Exdall
  • Keri Hilson - Euteuste
  • Jennifer Hale - Faneaser
  • Tara Strong - Jomuregal
  • Grey DeLisle - Krarsi


Song Title Original Artist Performer(s)
Memory Asher Monroe ft. Chris Brown Cody James
One Last Time Ariana Grande Angela Carey

Background SongsEdit

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